Trado: v1.07.1-beta


We have released a new update for the Trado e-commerce platform, v1.07.1-beta. Here are some of the key features in the latest release:

  1. Improved UI controls in Order administration
  2. Prevented ‘button bashing’ during checkout process
  3. Refactored validation in Orders controller
  4. Migrated module helper methods to bespoke library class, Modulatron4000

You can find a full list of release notes here. Furthermore, you can find a list of release notes for the PayPal module here.

Please note, this version has breaking changes for Paypal support. Update both the Paypal module and your Trado installation.

For more information on the Trado platform, please check out the official website:

However, if you would like to check out the Trado source code or perhaps contribute to project, you can do via the public Github repository:

Need help or support with the platform? Please feel free to send me a messagetweet me or create an issue on the Github repository or join our Slack team!

11th August 2016