Trado: v0.95.4-beta release

Trado v0.95.4-beta

I’m happy to announce that Trado, an open source e-commerce platform built using Ruby on Rails, has finally reached a beta release. This project is currently nearly 3 years in the making and I look forward to improving and building on Trado with the rest of the Rails community. Here are some of the key features in the latest release:

  1. Upgraded to Rails 4.2.6
  2. Moved the PayPal functionality to a separate gem
  3. Integrated the Redlight e-commerce template
  4. Refactored cart/order logic to be more DRY and efficient
  5. Fixed 11 bugs

You can find a full list of release notes here.

Over the coming weeks I shall be putting together a full set of documentation on how to get started developing with the platform, including tutorials on setting up the platform on popular service providers such as Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS and Heroku. For now, you can check out the live demo:

For more information on the Trado platform, please check out the official website:

However, if you would like to check out the Trado source code or perhaps contribute to project, you can do via the public Github repository:

Need help or support with the platform? Please feel free to send me a messagetweet me or create an issue on the Github repository or join our Slack team!

29th June 2016