Trado: PDF Invoice Support

The Trado platform now supports viewing customer order invoices in PDF format. For more information on how to set up PDF Invoices in Trado, check out the trado-pdf-invoice-module repository. For more information on the Trado platform, please check out the official website: However, if you would like to check out the Trado source code or perhaps contribute to [...]

Includes vs Joins in Rails: When and where?

For the past few months I’ve been hiding away in a cave and working intensely on a not-so-secret project, Trado. So I thought I’d reach out once more to my fellow interwebbers, and share some knowledge I’ve learned on my journey so far. Now with any e-commerce platform there is bound to be a lot [...]

3 Golden Nuggets: Git

Welcome to the second installment of the ‘3 Golden Nuggets’ series. If you’ve yet to read a previous post in this series, it entails three key features within a predetermined subject. This time we are looking at a big player in the SCM (source code management) world, Git. I’ve spent 80% of my development life [...]

AJAX and JSON error handling on Rails

As most of you know, I have quite the passion for premium user experiences. I believe a user should not just endure a site, they should find it exciting and accommodating during their visit. A good friend to user experience is AJAX; the ability to interact and change content on a web page without being [...]

What I do

Armed with the latest technologies and best practises in the industry, I can turn your designs into web reality. I specialise in Ruby on Rails for web applications and HAML, SASS with Compass and Coffeescript for front-end development.

What I love

I am obsessed with UI design and innovative technologies. I strive to make everyday user experiences as intuitive and efficient as possible, which prove to be both functional and visually stunning.

Where I reside

I'm currently travelling, exploring and living in SEA; working as a freelance Ruby engineer for some exciting companies including Give4Sure, Cancer Research UK and Equinix.



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