Extending flash message functionality in Rails

Building a Rails application isn’t just about lean, pretty code; creating a clean and intuitive user experience always plays a key role in making your application a success. Luckily Rails has a lot of “out of the box” features already bundled from the word go which can help you to quickly achieve this goal. One [...]

Includes vs Joins in Rails: When and where?

For the past few months I’ve been hiding away in a cave and working intensely on a not-so-secret project. Now when I say ‘half of that sentence is not true’, I bet you’re all going to assume it’s the working part? Wrong! I have been working intensely on a project, Trado, however it’s been while [...]

3 Golden Nuggets: Git

Welcome to the second installment of the ’3 Golden Nuggets’ series. If you’ve yet to read a previous post in this series, it entails three key features within a predetermined subject. This time we are looking at a big player in the SCM (source code management) world, Git. I’ve spent 80% of my development life [...]

AJAX and JSON error handling on Rails

As most of you know, I have quite the passion for premium user experiences. I believe a user should not just endure a site, they should find it exciting and accommodating during their visit. A good friend to user experience is AJAX; the ability to interact and change content on a web page without being [...]

What I do

Armed with the latest technologies and best practises in the industry, I can turn your designs into web reality. I specialise in Ruby on Rails for web applications and HAML, SASS with Compass and Coffeescript for
front-end development.

What I love

I am obsessed with UI design and innovative technologies. I strive to make everyday user experiences as intuitive and efficient as possible, which prove to be both functional and visually stunning.

Where I reside

I work as a web developer for Dyson in the Wiltshire area, however I normally take residence in the lively city of Bristol. When I’m not hammering at the keyboard, I like to explore various music genres and
catch some rays.

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